I recently had lunch with three ex-Bafana Bafana players and had such a good laugh with them. Mark Anderson was South Africa’s first goalkeeper after re-admission to FIFA and has some words to share with you.

South-Africa-1530Mark, can you recall an ex-professional player who made a big impact in your life when you were young?

For sure. I was very fortunate in those days. I had a Springbok goalkeeper named Trevor Gething who helped me. He actually trained both myself and Deshi (Bhaktawer) from about 16 years of age.

I can’t even tell you what the guy did for my career, simply because of the whole respect and discipline factor he brought in.

The sessions were very hard, he demanded respect, and I looked up to him based on what he achieved in his career. I do not think I would have reached the heights I did in SA football without him.

Who are your favourite goalkeepers right now?

I always liked Wayne Sandilands, even during his Platinum Stars days. I coached him at Sundowns for a while and he was amazing. He is a dedicated family man and an awesome human being.

I can say the same for Calvin Marlin – a true professional. And a lovely guy to work with too.

Another one I like is Moeneeb Jospehs. He is an incredibly fit athlete and was great to work with.

Worldwide, both my son and I like Iker Casillas. He just seems to do the basics right. He is not the flashiest guy and I like his temperament and decision making.

What about strikers. Who was your most difficult opponent back in the day?

Noel Cousins for some or other reason. We grew up together and played against each other in Pretoria during our youth.

But he always scored past me (laughing). Noel just always had my number hey!

Then, I looked up to Mike Mangena and Shane McGregor too. Guys like that were really good players in my day.

*Anderson, now 50, lives in Cape Town and is currently coaching Second Division side Old Mutual’s goalkeepers. He is also a business man in the plumbing industry.