Progress made, target reached!

Around one month ago, I drew a line in the dirt to reach a short term target set by my physiotherapist Theo Calligeris at the Sport Science Institute in Cape Town. I have done it, and remain on track for the big target!

The overall target is to get fully fit again to play sport and run races, but the short-term goal (set 4/5 weeks ago) was to strengthen my calf muscle after a ruptured Achilles tendon injury picked up at 5 -a-side soccer one year ago, and make sure I could start running by this week.

I’ve enjoyed the extra motivation to #MakeItHappen from Lumia and with the help of my physio, I’ve been given the green light to start running for the first time in one year!

IMG_2098     IMG_2100

It has been a year of patiently, and I mean Patiently, going through the careful processes of the recovery needed for an Achilles tendon rupture. You HAVE to respect the process, take your time and listen to the professional advice. More so with this tendon than any other. It is a SLOW and careful rehab process.

A month ago, my weaker calf muscle was 1cm smaller than the good leg. I have halved that deficit now and I am running on a treadmill (As you can see above). My physio is happy with the tendon, saying it has healed very well.


He is also happy to say the calf muscle has grown and things are looking good. I have four weeks to run on the treadmill before hitting the grass and then the road for my first 10km race in more than a year.

I’ve been helped a lot by the fitbit flex and the app, which has challenged me to reach 10 000 or more steps daily. I have managed that almost every day. My muscle has grown, my tendon has repaired well and I have stayed motivated and in the gym regularly.

IMG_2148     Fitbit-Flex-all-4-thumb-620x349-58673

I have a new pair of running shoes, camel pack, gym equipment, light weights, swimming goggles and trunks, which have all helped me stay motivated to train hard at the gym or at home. At home I stocked up on healthy food items to help me trim down by 5 kgs, and I am on track with that goal too.


Now I can’t wait to begin jogging again and getting back into some team sport. Appreciate those of you who have been sharing your progress with me so far! If you want to commit to your own challenge too, you can still #MakeItHappen with Lumia.

You could still win a Lumia device, so if you’re fortunate, you could win just by submitting your pledge. If you haven’t already, pledge your resolution and share it with me!

EXTRA MOTIVATION? Have a look at Chris Forrest and how you can #MakeItHappen.


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