Power of the Premier League

Many will say that English football fans are the most passionate supporters you will come across in the Beautiful Game. In many ways I tend to agree!

The power and the passion of the Barclays Premier League has definitely shaped my life in some way.

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Liverpool was on the menu and I had no choice. My Scottish-born grandfather supported them. My dad too. I grew up in a Durban suburb known for its British influence and strong football flavor. It was also the late 1980s so who else would I have supported, I mean was there even another team on the planet other than Liverpool then?

Can you recall your first encounter and memory of the Premier League?

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To recall my first major experience of watching Liverpool brings back some real emotions. It was a Liverpool vs Manchester United classic and for me, as much as the Everton rivalry is truly special, it is always beating the Red Devils that brings the most satisfaction.

In the year 2000 I experienced a significant victory for Liverpool over United. Danny Murphy’s curling free-kick sealed the deal and Liverpool went on a five-match winning streak over their rivals.

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Passion, drama, quality football! This is what I will remember fondly of this experience. But also the absolute commitment of the fans. The supporters love their clubs in England and stay with them in ups and downs, showing a right example of how to really support!

I was able to follow my football passion into the workplace where I began as a young sports reporter at South Africa’s Kick Off Soccer Magazine and spent 11 years there, which included editing the magazine during some of its golden moments.

The job afforded my opportunities to watch international tournaments, international matches in South Africa and in other countries as well as cover the FIFA World Cup live in my home country.

But the power of the English Premier League always carries a significant place in my memory bank of football matches and cultures along my journey.

Now who wants to go and watch a LIVE Barclays Premier League match?

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